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Dublin Institute of Technology

Link to Research Project:

The website of Regulating Lobbying: A Global Comparison

Links to Books:

Policy Paradigm in Theory and Practice 

Irish Business and Society

Regulating lobbying: a global comparison

Approaches to Qualitative Research Theory and Its Practical Application: A Guide for Dissertation Students Published by Oaktree Books

Links to Colleagues:

Dr. Brendan K. O’Rourke, College of Business, Dublin Institute of Technology

Dr. Sharon Feeney, College of Business, Dublin Institute of Technology 

Professor Michael Howlett, Department of Political Science, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, B.C., Canada

Professor Frank Baumgartner, Richard J. Richardson Distinguished Professor of Political ScienceThe University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Professor Chris Weible, School of Public Affairs, University of Colorado Denver

Professor Jeremy Rayner, Graduate School of Public Policy, University of Saskatchewan 

Professor Daniel Nohrstedt, Department of Government, Uppsala University

Professor Paul Cairney, University of Sterling

Dr. John Cullen, NUIM

Prof Florian Kern, Department of Political Science, University of Sussex 

Dr. Paul Donnelly, Faculty of Business, Dublin Institute of Technology

Prof. Sam Workman, Department of Political Science, University of Oklahoma 

Prof. Frank Barry, TCD

Professor James Mahoney, Northwestern University

Prof. John McHale, National University of Ireland, Galway

Professor Connie Harris Ostwald, Eastern University

Dr. Paddy Dolan, Faculty of Business, Dublin Institute of Technology

Prof. Tanya Heikkila, School of Public Affairs, University of Colorado, Denver

Dr. Nicola Timoney, Dublin Institute of Technology

Dr Raj Chari, School of Political Science, Trinity College Dublin

Professor Philippe Zittoun, Université de Lyon

Prof. Jonathan Pierce, University of Seattle

Dr. Francesco Cavatorta, Department of Political Science, Laval University, Quebec

Chris Horner

Professor Gary Murphy, Dean of Graduate Research, DCU

Links to other relevant institutions:

The Centre For Public Integrity

The Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government

The Political Studies Association of Ireland

Political Studies Association (UK)

The American Political Science Association

Policy Agendas 

Links to Publications:

Journal of Public Affairs

Journal of Australian Political Economy

Acta Politica

Irish Political Studies

The Open Political Science Journal

Canadian Journal of Political Science

Canadian Political Science Review

The Political Quarterly

Social Science Research Network Papers

Links to Media:

Harvard YouTube Channel

Stanford YouTube Channel

Yale University YouTube Channel